Things to Look before Purchasing Chain Link Fence : A Comprehensive Guide

Things to Look before Purchasing Chain Link Fence: A Comprehensive Guide


Important Things to Look before Purchasing Chain Link Fences


Chain link fence is known as an ideal option to create boundaries in several public places and establishment.

The reason behind the popularity of these fences is that, it is easy & hassle free to install, and a cost-effective option to opt for.

The noted applications of Chain link fences are seen in places like:

  • Home & Residences
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Gardens
  • Amusement Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Educational Institutions
  • Public Properties

However, when you are planning to fence any of the properties with chain linkfences you eventually need to know about the associated key things.In this article, we will be discussing the same only.

Let the discussion begin.

1) The Base Material: The Type of Steel Used

Any good fencing comes with the best quality base material. And that’s where the Chain link fencing hits the mark. The chain link fences are manufactured with the finest quality steel. This serves the purpose of providing extreme durability and protects from intrusion & trespassing.

Also, it facilitates to impart extreme strength against environmental hazards and natural calamities. Therefore, always make sure to ask about the quality of steel which is used to make the fencing. Remember, that any good quality Chain link fence, will be made with steel of finest quality.

2) The Process of Coating: Hot Dip or Electro Galvanization

Every Chain link fence is treated with a layer over the steel base. And the procedure of coating is usually done in 2 ways- Hot Dip & Electro Galvanization. In the former method, the steel is dipped in a bath of the coating material. However, in the electro galvanization process, the coating is done with the help of electroplating.

Whenever you are buying chain link fence , always prefer to buy the hot dipped ones. The coating thickness remains high in these fences, and acts as a strong protective layer, when remains exposed to nature. Also, the hot dipped Chain link fence, lasts much longer than the other available variants. It prevents corrosion and acts as a cost effective solution in the long run.

And always remember one thing !Never buy a chain link fence, made of non-galvanized wires. These are most prone to rusting.

3) Other Variants: PVC Coated Chain Link Fence, which  Provides Extra Protection

Unlike the other fencing materials, PVC coated Chain link fence comes with colourful variants. So, while buying PVC fences, always be sure of this fact that it will be in a coloured variant only.

Also you can select the colour of your choice, as per your installation needs.PVC coated chain link fences provide additional protection against rust and corrosion. Also it provides an aesthetic value, once the installation is done.

4) IS 2721: The Chain Link Fencing must Comply with That

There are Indian Standards for Chain link fence as well!Basically, it standardizes a few features of the chain link fences, which include:

    • Diameter of the wire
    • Size of the mesh
    • Type and thickness of coating
    • Type of twisting done to manufacture
  • Length & Breadth of the wire
  • Tolerance and tensile strength of the material

Whenever you are purchasing Chain link fence, always make sure that it complies to the norms of IS 2721.

5) Is It Worth Buying?: Check the Dimensions

The Chain link fence, is specified by the mesh size, height and the wire, it is used to manufacture. And depending on the place it should be applied, the dimensions should be checked accordingly. As we know that the fences are applied across a lot of places, the nature of security varies across the site of application.

For example, if you are buying it to add up to the protection of your home, then you must look for a variant with smaller mesh size, thicker wire and taller fence. This prevents your residence from intrusion, environmental hazards and natural calamities.

6) From Where are You Buying? Check the Company Profile

Apart from comparing the prices, you should check the profile of the company, from where you are buying. Any credible seller will have a strong portfolio of their earlier works. Also, you can check the testimonials and Google reviews, to see, what customers are speaking about their product quality and performance.

And, definitely make sure to check about the location & establishment they have catered earlier. A credible Chain link fence seller must have executed their work at reputed establishments too. And this can be one of the most trusted factor to give that company, a try.

7) Ask for the Latest Versions: Get the Best Fencing for Your Security

When you are looking for Chain link fence, your primary concern is the security of your establishment. And when it comes to security, the you must look forward to the latest and upgraded product which is available in the market.

The fencings should be manufactured with latest technology, and with all the modern-day industry norms. Specially, check the mesh sizes and the knots, and compare it with the other variants as well.

Under any circumstance, always make it a point to procure the latest version of the Chainlink fence, manufactured via modern technology and norms.

Things to Remember

  • Always reach an authentic dealer
  • Ask for a brochure to compare the variants
  • Talk to the industry experts
  • Attend industry fair & summits to gather information
  • Make sure to check the Indian Standards (IS 2721)
  • Understand the purpose and intensity of security
  • Choose your product and variant wisely
  • Compare the price and quality
  • Check the company profile from where you are buying

The Conclusion

As the discussion proceeded till now, it rendered you a clear idea about the things you need to look before purchasing Chain link fence. And when it comes to the security of an establishment, you should & always, look forward to reach a trusted chain link fencing manufacturer to procure the best product available out there.

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Gift your possession, the best security it deserves.

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