Punched Tape Concertina Coil
Punched Tape Concertina Coil

India’s Most Reliable Punched Tape Concertina Coil Manufacturer Since 1987

punched tape concertina coil

Punched Tape Concertina Coil is a revolutionary discovery, as a defense equipment. In comparison to the conventional barbed wires, these punched tape coils stand exclusively good in terms of security and protection. Punched  Tape Concertina Coil is also popularly called as PTCC .

At Shiva Engineering Co , we are a leading Punched Tape Concertina Coil manufacturer, with a mission to cater to our clients with the best security measures. We deal with the finest quality punched tape concertina coils, which facilitate to render your establishment, the needful security it deserves. Join hands with us and get the best material to procure. 

What are the Specification and Features of Our Punched Tape Concertina Coil?

We always deal with products that match up with the industry standard, and hit the mark on quality. The specifications of our Punched Tape Concertina Coil  includes:

With the fellow specifications as mentioned above, the Punched Tape Concertina Coil  we deal with, also comes with the following features: 

We consider the quality of our products over anything else. And, being one of the leading punched tape concertina coil manufacturer and supplier, we never compromise on the quality of the products, we provide to cater to our clients. Reach us today to know more.  

punched tape concertina coil manufacturer
punched tape concertina coil supplier

Weight & Price of Our Punched Tape Concertina Coil

The Weight of Punched Tape Concertina Coil depends on the Size & Barb Profile. Bigger the Diameter, more will be the Weight. The Weight ranges from 7.0 Kgs up to 20 Kgs.  

Similarly, the Price of Punched Tape Concertina Coil Also depends on the Weight per Coil. Standard Price of Punched Tape Concertina Coil is Rs 75 per K.G.  For Specific details, please contact us. We will be providing you the detailed Specification with Cost. 

What are the Applications of Our Punched Tape Concertina Coil?

Punched tape concertina coil manufactured by Shiva Engineering are specifically designed and destined for areas with restriction and security issues. Especially in the places where it needs additional degree of security, these coil fencings are the best option to choose for. 

Some noted places of application of our Punched tape concertina coil includes: 

Apart from the mentioned areas, the Punched Tape Concertina Coil also find its application across a lot of verticals to ensure high degree of security. Place your requirement today, and procure the best material from us.   

punched tape concertina coil supplier
punched tape concertina coil manufacturer

Why Choose Us?

Finding the right fencing for your security purposes are not that easy as it seems. It involves to check a lot of technical specifications and features, in terms of quality compliance. 

And that’s where, Shiva Engineering hits the mark for you. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Punched tape concertina coil, who are catering to our patrons for quite a long time. 

Some key reasons to choose us include:

Best Quality:

Quality is one of the crucial factor with which we never compromise. Each of the products which leave our warehouse, are thoroughly checked and ensured that it is completely defect free and made of the best quality material strictly as per Ministry of Defense & ASTM A guidelines. Also, our Punched tape concertina coil, complies with all the norms as per industry standard. 

Doorstep Delivery:

Spare yourself the effort to carry your products all the way from our warehouse. We get it delivered to your doorstep. All you need is to place your order. Rest, we will take care for you.

Best Price Assured:

If you compare the prices of our Punched tape concertina coil, with the others, you will find us quite reasonable in terms of quality. With us, you can waive out your unnecessary expense, by paying the right price for what you are buying. 

We at Shiva Engineering indeed stand as an esteemed Punched tape concertina coil manufacturer and till date, we have catered to the requirement of a lot of clients across various verticals. And we always look forward to serve you better with every passing day.

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