How is Barbed Wire Dangerous and Where to Install: An Insight

How  is Barbed Wire Dangerous  and  Where to Install: An Insight


How is Barbed Wire Dangerous and Where to Install


Whenever you think about the perfect security solution for your property, the fencing material you choose happens to be a crucial criteria .

And, in case you are choosing a fence out of barbed wire, it is essential to get a general idea about how barbed wire is dangerous, and the severity of damage it may inflict.


What is Barbed Wire?

Barbed wire is a specific type of fencing material, made of steel, constructed with sharp edges or points. The alignment is made to keep the sharp edges at an interval along the strands.

And as we are discussing how is barbed wire dangerous, some noted features include the fellow points:

  • Whenever a trespasser tries to pass through, it inflicts severe injury .
  • Being consistent with the sharp edges, wild and ferocious animals face severe obstruction to pass-through.
  • Thieves, robbers, and burglars cannot penetrate through as the wires are hard to breakthrough.


Places Where You Shouldn’t Install Barbed Wire Fencing: Knowing It is Dangerous

While proceeding through the discussion about how barbed wire is dangerous, it is vital to understand where you should not install a barbed wire fencing.

Although it possesses all the essential properties of ensuring the right security solution for any establishment, specific parameters restrict it from being applicable.

In the fellow paragraphs, we will consider how barbed wire is dangerous, and where we shouldn’t  install it.

 School/ College Compounds: Students accumulate school compounds for a considerable chunk of the day. And apart from the classroom, a school premise includes a lot about the playground, canteen, PT area, and several others.

Circumstances may proceed to the uneven and unruly movement of the students to the border area of the premise, resulting in severe damage and injuries. And that’s one of the essential reasons why barbed wire should be strictly avoided as fencing in the school boundary.

 Children’s Park: As the name signifies, a children’s park is destined to accumulate minors. No matter how strict parental guidance prevails, circumstances can often lead to adverse situations due to the barbed wire fencing in the boundary.

So, as we are wondering how barbed wire is dangerous, it is essential to be concerned about the safety of the children who visit a park. Fencing made of barbed wire may lead to unforeseen circumstances, which can be easily avoided with alternative measures.

 Industrial Fairs & Public Accumulation Grounds: Any industrial fair and public accumulation grounds get huge footfalls during an event. The area remains crowded, and people’s movement remains in a total haphazard condition.

So, a barbed wire fencing can create severe disturbances, as the sharp edges are prone to stick up in the clothes & fabrics. It may invite serious accidents, even in the instance of slightest negligence.

Considering the fact how is barbed wire dangerous, it is advised to choose some other alternative fencing to keep such premises safe & secured. What should always be remembered is that safety matters a lot, but not at the expense of the wellbeing & safety.


Where to Install Barbed Wire?

As of now, we discussed the pointer regarding how barbed wire is dangerous and where its application should be strictly avoided. However, because the barbed wire can be delicate, it has its fringe benefits for installing in certain places.

Some applicable areas for installing barbed wire fencing are:

 Army Base Camps: One of the most sensitive and attack-prone areas where the security needs happen to be a degree higher, is army base camp. Specifically, when there always remains a chance for intruders, spy & trespassers to breakthrough.

Because of the sharp edges, barbed wire prevents an intruder from the other side and ensures complete safety for the soldiers & security forces, deployed in certain areas.

 Forest Area: The major problem with a forest area is the intrusion of wild and ferocious animals in specific zone and sectors. Not only this can inflict damage to the forest properties but also cost upon human lives. In those cases, the forest areas need to be demarcated into specific zones to restrict wild & ferocious animals’ movement.

Choosing barbed wire fences for such demarcation purposes is indeed the best choice. It can easily restrict the animals from entering certain forest land areas, where properties and human beings are settled.

 Crop Fields: Crop fields are again an essential area where the barbed wire may find its relevant application. These crop fields often bear a tendency to be intruded by cattle and other herbivorous animals who can trespass and destroy the crops.

Considering how barbed wire is dangerous, it can be easily used as a fencing material to prevent such animals from entering the crop field.

And thus, you can easily opt for a barbed wire fencing, depending on the place of application, as we just discussed.


The Bottom Line

As the discussion proceeded, it rendered a clear idea about how barbed wire is dangerous and how it should be strictly avoided.

Most precisely, places for social gathering, the playground must not cast with barbed wire fencing. In contrast, the inclusion of sharp barbed fencing in high sensitive areas is recommended in real senses.

Feel free to share the word if you found it interesting, and help others keep their properties secure.

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