Advantages of Using Concertina Wire Over Conventional Barbed Wire

Advantages of Using Concertina Wire Over Conventional Barbed Wire


Advantages of Using Concertina Wire


To prevent your property or a commercial space from theft, burglary or trespassing, it is indeed essential to get fenced.

And, when it comes to fencing, the concertina wires indeed play an essential part to add specific benefits in comparison to the barbed wires.

Keeping that in note, we are going to have a brief discussion about advantages of using concertina wire over conventional barbed wire, in this article.

Where are the Concertina Wire Fencing Used?

Concertina wire is always considered as a material of fencing with advanced security features. The wires are mainly used in high security areas like:

  • Military Base Camps
  • Railway Stations
  • Airport
  • Amusement Parks
  • Government Offices
  • Public Properties
  • Restricted Areas

The Benefits of Using Concertina Wire

The difference between barbed wire and concertina wire, is that the former adds additional security features to the fencing, due to its exclusive properties and specifications.

Some noted benefits of Concertina wire over conventional barbed wire includes:

  • The wires are robust and form a severe strong structure.
  • If compared with barbed wire, it takes lesser length in fencing.
  • The wires are enabled with advanced security features and restrict trespassers to break through the fencing.
  • It prevents wild and ferocious animals to trespass & inflict damage to your property.
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions and lasts for a long time, unlike conventional barbed wire.

And that is the reason, the concertina wires happen to be a pivotal choice amongst the end users, looking for tight and secured fencing solutions.

Let the discussion proceed!

Concertina Wire VS Barbed Wire: An Insight

To discuss about the advantages of using concertina wire over conventional barbed wire, we must have an insightful analysis of both the commodities.

As a traditional option, the barbed wires has always been a very conventional choice, used for fencing purposes. But the increased need of security in recent times has called for something new to increase the level of security in certain high alert & sensitive establishments.

And that’s where, the concertina wires act as an essential solution. Here, we will have a comprehensive and comparative analysis between concertina wire VS barbed wire.

Concertina Wire

If you are looking for the right fencing solution for the high security area or establishments, nothing can beat concertina wire structures.

Due to its robust structure, troublesome encroachment, and extraordinary longevity, it adds up to the exclusive security measures for the place it is installed.

And perhaps that’s where lies the advantages of using concertina wire over conventional barbed wire.

Some noted features of concertina wires include:

  • Concertina wires are light in weight and can be transported easily from one place to another.
  • Being light in weight, it is extremely easy to install without any hassle.
  • In comparison to regular barbed wire, it consumes lesser length for a similar region of fencing.
  • The wires form robust structure which prevents trespassing by wild animals and unwanted intruders.
  • The concertina wires come with 160 barbs for each running meters, which happens to be thrice than that of a traditional barbed wire.
  • The security fencing of the concertina wires are profoundly effective and extremely hard to traverse.
  • The wires are extremely resistant to adverse weather and last for a long duration.

Taking all these points into note, it is quite easy to get a glimpse of the advantages of using concertina wire over conventional barbed wire.

In fact, in today’s time, people always prefer to choose concertina wire over traditional barbed wire, due to its exclusive advantages.

A brief presentation of the advantages of concertina wire can be presented as:

  • It happens to be the most effective and commercially viable technique to prevent the passage of intruders
  • The structures are durable and lasts for a long time
  • The concertina wires can be adjusted, broadened, moved and re-erected, after starting from one place onto the next, with negligible loss of material or work
  • The wires come with an aesthetic appearance, yet simple & easy to install
  • The concertina wires are extremely resistant to corrosion and never captures rust in humid or moist weather
  • The wires are of superior quality and comes with a long and extended service life
  • Concertina wires are cost effective and reasonable, but yet happens to be a robust and extra-durable fencing solution for security purposes
  • The wires are suitable for installation in places of adverse and extreme climatic condition

Cumulating all these points together, it can be ascertained well that the advantages of using concertina wire over conventional barbed wire are immense.

However, while striking a comparison, we must have a brief glimpse of the traditional barbed wires to. And that’s what we will be discussing in the next section.

Traditional Barbed Wire

Traditional barbed wires are a specific type of steel fencing which is curated with sharp edges and points along the regular interval of a strand.

This is a very basic type of fencing wire, used traditionally to prevent trespassing of intruders and wild animals.

Some noted features of a traditional barbed wire includes:

  • The barbed wire fencing just requires the post, the wire and the settling devices like staples
  • The structures can be easily developed with a traditional barbed wire and can be installed even by a non-professional person
  • The installed structures created out of the barbed wires are simple and borders around the basic security needs only

So, if compared with that of the concertina wires, it can be clearly ascertained why people prefer to choose concertina wire over traditional barbed wire for fencing purposes.

The Bottom Line 

True is the fact that the security needs changes from place to place. Especially in high security areas, a basic fencing made of conventional barbed wire is certainly not a good option to opt for.

The discussion we had just now about the advantages of using concertina wire over conventional barbed wire, thus allows you to choose wisely and get the establishments secured with the protection they deserve.

Hope it rendered you a clear idea about the same. Feel free to share the word as well of you found it as an interesting read.

Happy Fencing!  

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